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Probiotics for the Best Gut Health

It is 2023, a new year with new beginnings, and a great time to address gut health. Whether it is Holiday eating, New Year’s Eve cheers with bubbly, or the unfortunate myriad of viruses floating around, a well-balanced probiotic, OrthoBiotic, will help restore the normal flora of your digestive health.

OrthoBiotic comes as 25 billion units, 100 billion units and even Probiotic 225 billion units. The question often arises which one to take? I routinely suggest OrthoBiotic while on an antibiotic, or as a routine probiotic supplement. The higher strengths are often prescribed by your primary health care provider when there is a greater imbalance of biota of the gastrointestinal tract.

You need to remember that fast food, fried food, sugar, caffeine, stress are all things that can destroy the healthy flora of your gi tract. What are some outward signs of an imbalance? Examples include, fever blisters, irregular bowel movements, gas, oral mouth thrush, to name a few. I recommend OrthoBiotic over other retail probiotics because it contains 6 different healthy strains of bacteria plus a prebiotic.

We also now carry a Women’s OrthoBiotic that has strains to target a healthy urogenital tract. This is for women that have had repeated yeast infections and/or UTI infections.

Lastly, I recommend to take the OrthoBiotic at bedtime. Sleep is a time of restoration of mind and body, and is the perfect time to help the gi tract likewise reset for the best health outcomes.

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