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Bite-Free Summer Nights: Crafting an Essential Oil Mosquito Centerpiece DIY!

Living in the South, we have beautiful balmy evenings which create the perfect setting for a garden party. And so it was, my husband and I hosted a party for my nephew and fiancé to celebrate their upcoming wedding. We had lights, we had flowers, we had delicious foods planned, cold beverages set to be iced, the plans were perfect. But then we had reality, we had uninvited mosquitoes to surely “attend the event”.

How do I continue the perfectly planned evening with ambience and character? Well, I made a natural citronella candle with Plant Therapy’s Lemongrass oil, basil, rosemary, and lemons in a mason jar with a floating candle. So simple, so beautiful, and best of all it worked!

This year we have been warned by the CDC that there has been an uptick in malaria cases spread by mosquitoes, but do not let this deter your party plans! Be smart, be creative, and let me help you with your essential oils here at The Medicine Shoppe.

Ingredients needed:

Mason Jar

One Lemon

Fresh Rosemary

Fresh Basil

Floating Candle

Plant Therapy Lemongrass Essential Oil

  1. Slice one lemon, add slices to empty mason jar

  2. Add sprigs of fresh rosemary & basil to mason jar

  3. Fill mason jar with water

  4. Add 15 drops of Plant Therapy Lemongrass essential oil to jar

  5. Add floating candle to jar

  6. Light candle and enjoy a fun, mosquito free evening outside

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