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Women's Health needs a Probiotic desgined specifically for Women

My favorite probiotic, Ortho Biotic, now comes in a formulation specifically designed for women's health.

Urinary tract microbiome challenges are very common, impacting 150 million people each year. Did you know that 50-75% of women experience vaginal yeast imbalance? Ortho Biotic® Women’s is a unique probiotic formula designed to maintain a healthy vaginal microflora and support urogenital health. I was so excited when Ortho Molecular developed a product to target Women’s urogenital health. It is so important to maintain the right pH of the vaginal tissues. So, if you are plagued with yeast infections, or if you suffer with chronic UTI’s, stop in at The Medicine Shoppe for a bottle of OrthoBiotic for women. Life is short, no sense in suffering. I am here to help you be the healthiest version of yourself. Hope you have a great week and Happy Easter!

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